Tech Education in the News – not enough teachers who can teach coding?

Dec 23, 2016 Categories: news, Tech-Know @ Home

In the news this week: “As programming, computing and technology skills become part of the essential skill sets for school leavers, demand for teaching in these areas is taking off.  But the Department of Education has closed the MacICT Innovation Centre, its unique 15-year-old joint venture with Macquarie University that has been a pioneer in the

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Best of the blog – our top 5 posts

Jul 01, 2016 Categories: Changing_Times

Hi! How’s it going where you are right now? I’m in the UK at the moment attending conferences for my work at Uni. I’m not too impressed with the ‘summer’ weather here. Rain, wind and cold does not equal summer to this Aussie-migrant girl! The conference is great – lots of interesting things to learn

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