10 Tech-Know Gifts for Christmas – Apple TV

Nov 27, 2014 Categories: Hardware

Tech-Know gift ideas for your family this Christmas.
Some are big, and some are little. All will be appreciated by your tech-know loved ones!

Welcome to our Tech-Know Christmas! For the next ten days I’ll be sharing some great gift ideas for your family and friends.Especially those tricky tweens and teens who really seem to have everything they need, right?

On the Fourth day of Christmas… Apple TV


Cos it’s fun! Easy answer but true. This little black box connects your TV to the Internet – and also lets you connect your mobile iDevices to it.

So you can watch Internet TV channels through your TV or wirelessly present your photos/videos (or anything on your iDevice) to your TV. Kids can share a movie on your iPad by sending it to the TV or you could send your Powerpoint to the Apple TV to  see it on a big screen. You can access YouTube to watch that funny dance video or you can subscribe to the USA Baseball channel (my husband and his American mate love this!). You can also play your music from your Macbook or iMac through your fab surround sound on the TV. Great for Chrissy parties :0)

Who for?

Older kids probably – but kids from about 11 -12 appreciate it. Especially if there’s a TV in the house that they use as ‘theirs’, maybe in a rumpus room or family room. Adults love these too. Especially to show holiday videos and photos they’ve created on their iPads or Macbooks :0) Hours of fun there!


About $100 – slightly less on sale at Christmas!

Dick Smith have them on sale right about now and with Black Friday this week in the US, many online sellers have sales beginning this weekend. Worth keeping your eye out!

Apple TV - Christmas Gifts


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