10 Tech-Know Gifts for Christmas – Kindle

Dec 01, 2014 Categories: Hardware

Tech-Know gift ideas for your family this Christmas.
Some are big, and some are little. All will be appreciated by your tech-know loved ones!

Welcome to our Tech-Know Christmas! For the next ten days I’ll be sharing some great gift ideas for your family and friends. Especially those tricky tweens and teens who really seem to have everything they need, right?

On the Sixth day of Christmas… Kindle

kids kindle ereader books reading kids


For reading! Why else? The Kindle is a very lightweight, very long-life battery digital book reader. You connect your Kindle up to your home wifi and then download books onto it from the Internet. You can browse for all sorts of books – kids, young adults, fiction or non-fiction – from any computer or laptop (or from the Kindle itself) and then it ‘appears’ on your Kindle. I love my Kindle, even though I have an iPad which has the Kindle app. Here’s why – the Kindle looks like paper, no really. It has an off white background that makes your eyes think it’s just paper. Makes my eyes strain less – not scientific, just my ‘findings’ :0)

Also – it’s really light so reading in bed is great. I take mine camping too. When you are off the grid in a plane or a bus, the Kindle just keeps going. The battery life is seriously great! I took mine to Nepal when I was hiking for a month – no problem.

Finally, it’s great because of the price of books! The Kindle versions are usually significantly cheaper than paper books. I know – I love paper books too (smell, touch, gorgeous covers), but when a $55 book is $9.99 on the Kindle, you come round to the virtual paper. Especially when you get through books like I do!

buy a kindle for your kids

Who for?

Kids old enough to be reading chapter books. And definitely for tweens and teens. If your kids are in high school they will find the Kindle useful for all the English reading they have to do. Your other half might love a Kindle too btw… Check out the Australian Kindle site here  to see what books you could buy cheaper.


About $79 on Amazon with free shipping at the moment.


**I’m an Amazon affiliate. That means that if you click on a link and end up buying something, I get a (very) small kickback. Go here for more info on my disclosure policy.


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