10 Tech-Know Gifts for Christmas – Laptop holder

Dec 03, 2014 Categories: Hardware

Tech-Know gift ideas for your family this Christmas.
Some are big, and some are little. All will be appreciated by your tech-know loved ones!

On the Eighth day of Christmas... Laptop lap holder

laptop lap tray stand


These trays are laptop accessories that you sit on your lap to hold your laptop. The idea is it stops it getting  too hot on your lap and potentially hurting you or overheating the computer. The vents on laptops are often on the underside so when we sit with the computer on our laps they can overheat. Not always but sometimes – and especially as the laptop gets older!

Do your kids have a laptop or netbook program at school where they bring the computer home? This is a also great idea for when they insist on playing games with it on their laps. While still not ‘perfect’ it does raise it up slightly (depending on the model you buy) so it makes their posture a little better at least.

Who for?

Kids with laptops.  Older kids especially who might be spending more time online, hunched over the screen. Especially if they are sitting ‘awkwardly’ on their bed or the couch.

These are good for anyone who uses their laptop on their laps really – makes you sit up straighter  :0)


They range in price but an average one, like the one below is around $20 – $30.

You can also get super fancy ones that come with a built in fan. You plug in a usb from the laptop tray into the laptop itself and your laptop powers the fan, keeping you (and your laptop) nice and cool! Those ones cost a bit more (maybe up around $50 for a great one) – you could look at something like this one.

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