10 Tech-Know Gifts for Christmas – Wireless headphones

Nov 25, 2014 Categories: Hardware

Tech-Know gift ideas for your family this Christmas.
Some are big, and some are little. All will be appreciated by your tech-know loved ones!

Welcome to our Tech-Know Christmas! Over ten days I’ll be sharing some great gift ideas for your family and friends. Especially those tricky tweens and teens who really seem to have everything they need, right?

On the Second day of Christmas… Wireless headphones


These are great for a number of reasons. Both for your sanity and your kids entertainment. They are great for road trips over holidays. And for your kids they are an easy way to listen to their music on the bus or train on the way to school – or maybe in their room so the whole house doesn’t have to listen to their music too!

These work via bluetooth so any device that has bluetooth will work. So maybe your laptop or tablet or phone. They are usually small and, best of all, don’t get tangled in your (hand) bag. Bonus!

 Who for?

Tweens, teens and grown ups! In ear headphones aren’t as good for your younger kids’ ears – so I’m told – so I wouldn’t give these to little ones :0)


The ones below are about $32 with about $8 for shipping. You can find them at JB HiFi and Dick Smiths too :0)


**I’m an Amazon affiliate. That means that if you click on a link and end up buying something, I get a (very) small kickback. Go here for more info on my disclosure policy.


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