20 Things You Don’t Know About Me…

May 20, 2015 Categories: about me

I’m stealing an idea I’ve seen on other blogs today – can’t find where though so feel free to link to your blog if it’s your idea! It’s about sharing more about me, so you know who I am hidden behind this computer screen, so here we go… :0)

  1. I was born in the UK and lived there until I  was 19 but the first time I travelled alone was for a student exchange to Germany when I was 14. Yep, I (used to) speak German!!
  2. I moved to live in France for about a year when I was 19, yes, I speak French!
  3. I am quite short 5′ 4″ – but small packages and all that…
  4. I have a cat I wanted to call Mitch, but he looked more like a Ned (after the Aussie outlaw Ned Kelly) so Ned he is.
  5. It’s lucky I didn’t name the cat Mitch as I now have a step son is called Mitch and that would have been confusing/annoying/stressful (for the cat I mean!)
  6. My fave fruit has to be mango – my husband gags at the smell of it e.g. all the more mango for me
  7. I like to run, but in private on my treadmill at home. It’s on the back verandah so it feels like I’m in ‘nature’, and no need to go anywhere else!
  8. I completed my under-grad in the UK at Keele University. Largest university campus in Europe – we had our own stately home, lakes, vineyard, dairy farm, village and golf course! The pub crawls were epic.
  9. My cousin went to Keele Uni as well, two years after me – entirely coincidentally! We met up on a pub crawl once, that was fun too.
  10. I haven’t been back to the UK in 13 years but am going back this year for my cousins wedding – yay!
  11. I have to have clean kitchen bench tops before I go to bed at night. For no other reason than I think the germs are mocking me otherwise.
  12. I drink de-caf coffee. No I don’t miss ‘real’ coffee and yes, I do feel better for it.
  13. We live on an acre that very nearly looks like the countryside and soon (very soon) we are going to be mummy and daddy to some chickens. I want one of those with the cool pom-poms on their feet (anyone know what they are called?!?)
  14. I lived up north in Michigan USA on and off for about 10 years. It was very, very cold – makes me feel silly for complaining about Melbourne winters…
  15. In the USA I drove a snowmobile, taught cross-country skiing and ‘snow-shoeing’ – honest, it’s a real thing.
  16. I love to snowboard but haven’t been in a few years now.
  17. Although I can snowboard, I cannot surf. Just can’t do it. Something to do with gravity/fear of drowning/coordination…
  18. I love heights and every time I go into an office on an upper floor at work, I have to remind myself not to get caught up in the view and focus back on the meeting, sorry about that folks.
  19. I don’t eat gluten or eggs or grains – so semi-paleo, but on my terms!
  20. This is my 4th personally run blog but I’ve set up about 100 blogs for teachers and students over the past few years.

So there you go! A bit more about me. Care to share about yourself in the comments? Would love to meet you xx



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