Jul 01

Best of the blog – our top 5 posts

Hi! How’s it going where you are right now? I’m in the UK at the moment attending conferences for my work at Uni. I’m not too impressed with the ‘summer’ weather here. Rain, wind and cold does not equal summer to this Aussie-migrant girl!

The conference is great – lots of interesting things to learn and think about…but for you in the meantime, here are the 5 most popular posts on the blog. These posts keeping getting hits on them (thank you!), so here they are in all their glory – I hope there’s something here to keep you entertained while I spend the day in conference mode!

How digital books can help your child to read

Never lose a school note again

Top 5 parenting blogs you will love!

Help your kids write with mind mapping software

Tech-tip Friday – Wifi for chores: would you do this?

Have a great week!




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