May 23

Sleeping Teens!

No matter the age of your kids, your sleep is likely disturbed. Either you are awake and feeding/changing/rocking to sleep or your are lying awake listening for the car in the driveway dropping off your teen! It’s a joy of parenthood, right?!

So, this week I’ve found you a video that might help you feel better about your baby/toddler/preteen or teen’s sleeping habits. Wendy Troxel argues that days should just start later! High school should begin at 11am – because teenagers’ sleep patterns are different to ours.

I love these Ted Talks – and hope you do too!

Enjoy the video – and GET SOME REST!



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May 19

5 ways to be a helper on a class excursion – with tech and without!

Have you been asked to go on a school trip? Or even a school camp?
Despite what your child may imply, attending school events with your child is a great way to learn more about their daily lives!

There are a few things to remember though, so I’ve made you a little list! Not all tech ideas but all important! As a teacher who has taken students on excursions and camps for 20 years, these are my best suggestions for a happy time!

Do arrive on time!
I know, easy to say, but you are a helper for all the kids, not just your own so get to the bus, station, school on time to ease everyone’s mind!

Don’t take a million photos to share on Facebook!
Take all the photos you like of your own child, but be aware that other parents will have their own beliefs about online publishing. If in doubt, blur out the faces of kids who don’t belong to you. A good iPhone app for this is ‘Annotable’.

Do be present!
Yes, the bus is loud and you just want to finish your take-away coffee, but you have been invited to help supervise. This means engaging with the students and teachers – not checking emails or Facebook. Save that for after the children are (hopefully) asleep or you’ve finished the day excursion.

Do ask the teachers how you can help!
Offer to do the head count, get the coffee, check in with the Museum Education Officer, call the bus to come get you…All these little things need to happen while the teachers are also trying to educate and manage the little darlings. I love, love, love excursions – but there’s no doubt they are hard work, be a helper and we will love you forever!

Do ask if the teachers want photos of videos taken for back in the classroom!
We won’t just need photos of the students, but also of museum exhibits, views from windows, photos of the walking paths we took, the places we saw and maybe the information plaques we read. These are invaluable back in the classroom. Videos of experts talking or of the local environment are great educational resources back in the classroom!

Enjoy and have a great day with your child and their classmates – and if you can, be a helper! You’ll get asked back for more fun adventures!!