Jul 27

Schools and Creativity – a quick video for your day!

I’ve been overseas recently and heard some fantastic speakers. All of them about edcuation, and all of them focusing on the changes we need to see in the classroom. The way people talk about learning today is changing, it’s no longer about reciting textbook facts and it’s definitely more than searching facts online.

I think that Sir Ken Robinson sums it up, so I wanted to share this with you. His TED Talk has been around a while but if you haven’t seen it – or it’s been a while – have a look.

It’s 20 minutes long and he’s a funny guy with some serious things to say about education and why we need creativity.

This video would be perfect for your commute, for when you’re watching your kids play sport or for an enforced period of quiet time for mummy! Get those headphones on!

I hope you enjoy :0)