Aug 25

Women in Technology Careers

I published an article on our university website yesterday about women in tech careers. You know, our fastest growing industry? :0) Well, the challenge we are facing is that we don’t have enough people to meet the demands of industry.

There was a recent study, carried out in Silicon Valley – the tech centre of the world. Over 200 women were asked about their experiences as a woman in the technology industry and the results are worrying.

Not only did the survey unearth some of the gender challenges we know exist – “47% have been asked to do lower-level tasks that male colleagues are not asked to do (e.g., note-taking, ordering food, etc.)[source]”

“66% felt excluded from key social/networking opportunities because of gender” [source].

This means less opportunities for growth, career development or creating helpful networks. This is a major problem.

Not just for those women currently in Silicon Valley, but for all our daughters.

  • How many female tech engineers does your daughter know about?
  • How many times have you watched a tv show or YouTube video showing women technology experts?
  • How many times have YOU given up trying to fix a tech problem, only to say “Let’s just wait til your dad gets home”?

That last one is a doozy. (It’s hard to be the fixer of everything!) But the messages we are sending to our daughters start early, are long-lasting and can impact on who she thinks she can become.

It’s worth having a look at the full Elephant in the Valley report – it’s an infographic so not hard to read and will only take a few minutes.

In the meantime, here are a few videos to help you support your daughter to learn that women in tech are not only vital – She can be a leader of them!

And here are two good articles for you to read!

Why Men Need To Champion Women In The Tech Industry

Why are there so few women in tech? The truth behind the Google memo

Have a great week!

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