Jan 22

Three great apps for road trips

Yes, it’s still summer holidays here in Australia!

Australia is a really big place – as big as the USA! – so when we travel around it takes a long time, often with not much to look at on the way. We pretty much all live around the edges of the country, taking advantage of those amazing beaches, so we are all used to long road trips.


Source: bit.ly/2EJvEL3

These three apps, below, might help you avoid meltdown/boredom on your next road trip!

1. Want them playing something useful? Try Typemaster.
This game for smartphones will have them engaged and focused while also learning to type!

2. Sago Mini Road Trip is a fun game that will help younger children engage in the road trip idea!
Pick a vehicle and a destination and off you go. Get petrol and wash the car – and eventually get to your destination!



3. Your kids can make a comic out of any interesting sites or places you might pass along the way, using Seedling Comic Studio.
Take photos, add them to your comic, create a journal or a story or a record of the trip! (3 free themes, more if you pay)

Jan 15

Tech on holiday

What technology do you take on holiday with you?
Where do you use that technology?
How will be safe online while on holiday?

These three questions keep coming up in conversations lately – because here in Australia we are in the middle of school holidays!

Let’s look at these questions briefly, to give you some ideas to think about!

What technology do you take on holiday with you?
Whatever you think you want and/or need! But no more! Do you really need 3 iPads for your family beach holiday? Could you make do with sharing one?
The more technology you take with you, the more you have to look after and manage online. These days most holiday locations offer free wifi. THis isn’t always a great thing – read more about that here! We need to be sure we are on a secure network that won’t enable hackers to gain access to your device or your device’s content.
Think about the kind of holiday you would like to have and then pack your technology accordingly!

Where do you use that technology?
We know that wet is bad for technology, but did you know that heat is really bad too? Leaving your iPad, phone or laptop in a hot car or hot appartment can lead to overheating and shutting down. It can even reduce the life of your battery. Never a good thing.
If you are going ot use your device in an air-conditioned space space, it will likely be fine. But do be aware of rapid changes in temperature – electronics just don’t like it!

How will be safe online while on holiday?
You likely have rules set up at home, but what about when you are away on holiday?
Sometimes we let the rules slacken off during holidays, which I htink is a good thing for everyone! But there are few things to think about!
You might be fine with your teenager watching a movie on her ipad in the bedroom – but does she need to keep the iPad in there overnight?
Your 7 year old loves playing on your phone when you go out for dinner – but can you see the screen and be sure he’s playing Angry Birds and not watching inappropriate YouTube videos?
At home you might do your banking on your iPad – should you type in your banking password on the free wifi at that local coffee shop?

When it comes down to it, you’ll make the best decisions for your family – these are just a few things to think about along the way!

Have a great holiday – and if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, stay warm!!




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