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Sep 18, 2014 Categories: Online tools

How’s life today? I had a great day working at Melbourne Uni today. I was running some workshops with Masters students and they seriously rocked. I’m so lucky to work with these adults who are so passionate and dedicated to their new profession of teaching. Some schools are going to be very lucky with their new staff next year. Well done guys.

I was sharing some useful websites and one that they loved was ABC Splash.

I wanted to share this with you asap cos it’s just good to know about. ANd this blog is about helping your kids at home with their learning (and maybe giving them a leg up in the meantime).

So, ABC Splash – ¬†It’s a video resource site with vids on a range of topics. It’s linked to the Australian Curriculum but most of the¬†topics are transferable to other countries. The maths and literacy vids are worth a look.

With videos you do need to remember a couple of things.

Watching a video once is not enough! There’s a lot of info and videos give the benefit of a pause and rewind button. Yay! You can’t rewind the teacher but you can the video! Take advantage of those play/pause buttons!

Encourage your child to stop the video and make notes or mind map or ask questions. It’s meant to be an interactive experience :0)

So next time your darling calls out “Mum…what does this mean” give ABC Splash a go. Bonus: this could just save your sanity during the witching hour at home.


PS no affiliations here – just sharing whats been useful to me ;0)

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