Take your tech outdoors this week! Fun game for your kids!

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It’s back to work in full swing this week! But with the power off at home I was relegated to the local library for power and wifi this afternoon. Oh, how I miss wifi when I don’t have it! Hard to get my work done offline.

scavenger hunt for kids with ipads The library was a lovely spot to work. One side is all glass and looks out over a duck pond which is rather serene. Less serene was the large mothers’ group having a sing along with their darling bubs. It was rather cute though but it did make it hard to think about complex educational theory and new curriculum with ‘wheels on the bus’ repeating in the background. Must remember to thank my brother for the great noise reducing in-ear headphones he gave me. They were perfect for this afternoon’s serenading :0).

On another note, and not meaning to complain  – but the last time I was in a public library you had to be quiet. Is that not the thing these days? It was noisy, really noisy. I guess it’s just good that there are people here though…

Today’s post is really a drop in to say hello and to ask how is your week going? Looking forward to Friday or relishing the back-to-school quiet or maybe the back-to-work routine? And to offer you an idea for the weekend :0)

If you are looking for an idea to get the kids off the couch and outdoors on the weekend – here you go. You’re welcome!

The idea is an old fashioned scavenger hunt {little kids like it when you call it a treasure hunt ;0) } but with a technology twist. They don’t collect things, they collect photos. (Download the hunting list below.)

I remember scavenger hunts from when I was 7 years old in Brownies back in the UK. My Aunt was one of the pack leaders – I think she was ‘Tawny Owl’ ! – but I never got preferential treatment  of course ;0) She had great lists for scavenger hunts. Here’s one I’ve come up with that you might like to begin with.

This list isn’t designed to be prescriptive, this way your kids have to be creative and think about what they will take photos of – this takes more time too, added bonus!

The list below is downloadable. Feel free to share it around to anyone who needs a quiet 45 mins on the weekend!

A Scavenger Hunt is a great idea for parties or sleepovers too. Put the kids in groups or let them play individually.

You’ll need:

  • Outdoor clothes and shoes
  • a camera (per group) – on an iPod, iPad, iPhone etc
  • Copies of The List
  • Pens to tick off as they go

I’ve used this Photo Scavenger Hunt with kids from age 5 to 13 and they all love it. They come up with wildly different results of course!

Younger kids will come running back to you after each photo to ask you to decipher/read the next ‘clue’ on the list. Older kids will disappear for half an hour and come back covered in mud! Either way it’s good outdoor fun.

It’s up to you if you score this or not. I think it adds some excitement for the kids and keeps them on track – and desperate to win :0) Prizes I’ve given include bragging rights, first to eat at dinner and choice of reading book for the afternoon. Nothing that costs $$$ !

You can do a couple of things with the photos afterwards. If your kids are old enough, they can make a quick video (I love iMovie on the iPad – it just works). Younger kids will be happy enough just to show you their photos though!

Have a great weekend and let me know if you try this list out. What would you add? What would you leave out?

You can download and print the list by clicking on the expander arrow in the top right corner then choosing print – you can then choose to print straight away or to save as a PDF if you prefer. 


PS Power is still not on so I’ve moved to the local cafe! Hard life this working from home…

writing at a local cafe free wifi no power




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  1. What great ideas – and the printable list is fantastic!

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