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Jul 24, 2015 Categories: Social_Media

So today I’m sharing a few blogs I love to read. They are fun, a little bit left-off-centre, and all about parenting.

This parenting lark isn’t easy (ask me about the midnight ambulance/hospital/broken window run we had this week!?!) – and sometimes those that are right around us aren’t in the exact same parenting space as we are. But someone, somewhere is. Whether your kids are littlies discovering language and words, or older children and teendagers navigating friendships and responsibility there are blogs that will talk to you about your world.

Blogging is really important for us parents to engage with too – but we don’t need to be actually writing our own blog. We do need to understand how people talk to each other online, how we can chat to them in return and the kind of opinions and information that is out there (hint: there’s an opinion on everything, and kids need to know that we don’t need to believe everything we read online!)

So here are MY TOP 5 BLOGS to give you a giggle and a think this week –


mother natured



Penny of MotherNatured ( loves to play outdoors and shares great ideas for getting your kids off their screens and playing in the mud, grass, leaves…nature.
 at Laughing Kids Learn is a friend of mine. She’s awesome and writes about great learning ideas for little kids (pre-school and younger). She’s just had her second bub (congrats Kate!) and is still managing ot post great ideas for kids – well done!


Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 12.06.36 pm The parenting files, Tahlia is a family counsellor, mum and professional writer. There’s great things here about kids, spouses, family life, home….lots of fun and interesting stuff! Mrs Woog! She’s irreverent, funny and writes about everything. No, reallly – everything. From queues at the fruit shop to why politicians are idiots. She is a very funny lady. She posts everyday and is always guaranteed to make you chuckle.
 last fave is A mum who has taken on a Tree Change, now lives in a small village and just gave birth to her THIRD gorgeous girl. She cooks, bakes, makes pretty bed settings and generally chats about life. She never takes herself too seriously and seems just lovely – even via the computer screen!


So check out my faves – and let me know if you have others to add. If you want to read these the easy way, try signing up to It’s a ‘feed reader’. That means you get an account with Feedly, add in your fave blogs and it will AUTOMATICALLY collect all the new posts. Open the app online or on your tablet/phone and the newest posts will be sitting there waiting for you!

Hope you enjoy xx




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