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Aug 14, 2015 Categories: Uncategorized

Random post today….enjoy!
So how was your day today? Busy, right?
Well mine was mad too. I’m on a plane to the Gold Coast right now – very excited to get to this year’s ProBlogger event.
By 11am I had packed, picked a parcel (at 6am!) from the post office, driven across Melbourne, met with 2 teachers and a University colleague, had lunch and was beginning to work on my latest scholarship application…. but then I realised that my passport is out of date. I’m lucky that I have 2 passports Australian and UK. So I’d checked the UK one for our trip home for my cousin’s wedding in 6 weeks. But hadn’t checked the Aussie one, it’s expired. Ha. Not good. So spent a good hour finding out how to get a renewal, completed it online, took a quick tram trip to the Post Office in the city, got photos taken, made a post office to lodge my application on Monday and then headed back to my desk… Phew. That was a big day. And it was only 11..
After a few more hours work I submitted my scholarship application and ran for my car to get to the airport. Realised that I hadn’t booked the long term parking – so have to pay full whack. Not good.
Next got stuck in nasty traffic, found a park, shuttle bus to terminal was slowest in the world, bag check was more packed than check in (when did the ‘quick’ check-in online become so sloooowww!) and made it to the gate. SO now I’m on my way.
Anyway, now I really need to switch my brain to Blogging now… wish me luck!
Can’t wait for a bit of sunshine, a hotel room and some learning.I’ll be popping over the next few days to let you know how it’s going, It’s gonna be great!

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