Have you asked your kids this week – what do you use to chat with your mates online?

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What app do you use to chat with your friends? Facebook? Twitter? Good old email? Or maybe it’s your smartphone and text messages. I wonder what your kids use. I know mine don’t really engage with email. Too old-school for them. They use Facebook (a lot), Snapchat and text messages. Along with others I bet I don’t know about. My kids are older now (18 and 20), so it’s now their turn to manage their online world. Not mine – although I can’t help asking about it often :0) Poor kids having tech-know geek as a step-mum!

So I’d like to ask you to talk to your kids this week. Ask them about HOW they communicate online.

What software or app are they using, and why do they prefer one over the other.

Once you know what they are using, you can google the tools and see what they are about. Especially for teenagers, they might not want to tell you the ins and outs of the software or app. Too boring mum! But if you know the name you can look it up. I like to google the name and the word ‘review’ so like this in Google:

“Snapchat” AND “review”

That will give you only websites that have both words in them. Pay attention to the inverted commas and the capital letters. Read a couple of quick reviews and find out what the tool is all about.

The tools they are using are likely fine – but some aren’t. For example, some group quiz type websites  (there are lots) allow people to pose questions and anyone can answer them. So not just their friendship groups but ‘strangers’ too. If you know that’s what they are using you can at least talk to them about the safety aspect of not revealing too much info :0)

Being involved in their world really is the only way to know what’s going on in their world.

 Be involved in their world cybersafety

So, as we race towards the finish line of the school year (yay!) and the Christmas summer holidays approach, start off the break with a quick question and maybe a quick look online.

What do you use to chat with your mates online?


Had a good conversation with your kids about online stuff lately? Share with us so we can see what everyone else is up to!
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