Do Something! Getting our kids engaged and active

Sep 18, 2017 Categories: Uncategorized

This week I want to share with you a great website that your kids can use to take action and feel connected to big-picture problems.

I have worked with some kids that are chomping at the bit to DO SOMETHING! – whether it’s to support the environment, end animal cruelty, support those without homes or address bullying at school. While they are passionate, excited and inspired it’s great to be able to get them involved in local, national and even international events!

The website gives our kids ways to DO exactly that.

More than just links to charity websites, this website lets you choose your favourite cause:


Then specify how long you have to spend doing something:


Then they ask for HOW you’d like to engage:

From these selections, your child might make posters or write to an MP, contribute to a discussion or sign a petition. With younger kids you’d clearly want to be supervising their activities! But there is a great range of long-term and short-term actions that they can get involved in.

A great example is the project that talks about the recent Hurricane Irma in the US. The page offers insight into how to help, and what is currently being done to support those living through this disaster.

I’ve used this website in class after we have studied climate change or damage to the Great Barrier Reef or animal testing. Sometimes the students can get disheartended at the size and scope of these problems – ‘Do Something’ enables them to take action and to contribute to solutions.

Give it a go at home and see what your kids think!



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