What would YOU like for Christmas this year? 5 great tech-know gift ideas

Dec 15, 2014 Categories: Hardware

Gifts for YOU this year

I think I’ve finished my Christmas shopping. Hallelujah. I can’t stand the crowds of people rushing round like the world ends at midnight on Christmas Eve. Just breathe people. The shops open again at 8am (or earlier) on Boxing Day. Anyway – having done all my gift shopping for other people, I’ve managed to find a couple of things that I’d love too!  I thought I’d share them in case you’re looking for a gift for someone else or for yourself.

Feel free to email this to the right person. Maybe husband or partner or mum or dad… A little hint goes a long way to receiving a gift you’ll love this year! And the best bit – you can buy all these online right now. Christmas, sorted.

Tech gifts for women this Christmas

This was me. As I left the shops. Running.


Ok, so I’ll start with the most expensive. Can you guess …

Yep. The good old iPhone 6 Plus. My lovely hubby, Mr Tech-Know, has a mate who gets all the gadgets first. A quick chat with him and I’m sold. It’s pretty, it’s big enough to actually read on, and might even replace my iPad 2.  We’ll see about that but this would be a lovely surprise in my Christmas stocking.


Next something a bit less pricey. Only $10 to turn my new (or old!) iPhone into a better camera.

This one’s fun! These little lenses attach to your phone and let you change the lens perspective. I’d love the fish eye one. Great for wide angle shots on your phone.


On the tablet and phone theme, I need a new cover for my iPad 2. It’s seen better days and I use it all day long so I’d like one that looks pretty too.

This one folds, stands up and flips around – and is cute too. At $10 it won’t break the bank and would make me happy when I look at it :0)


Number 4 – this one’s a bit random! There’s this website that has fab courses to learn…stuff. Bill Gates loves this site and I do too! Great info in video format that’s presented by experts for people who don’t know much about this stuff!  It’s $149 to sign up to watch the videos and take the course.

gifts for women | tech |learning | online courses

Big History | Online Course | The Big Bang, Life on Earth and the Rise of Humanity

It’s a bit geeky. Ok. A lot. But wouldn’t it be cool to have these vids to watch on the treadmill every morning.  Yes. Yes it would.  :0) Get in my stocking!!!


Finally, is a gadget that I think would be cool, and useful. But mostly cool. I love Evernote. As anyone who knows me will tell you, my memory is pretty shocking but I look like I remember stuff cos it’s all in Evernote. On my phone, laptop, iPad or desktop. I just search it up and I can tell you how old that second cousin’s son turns this year or the name of the woman I met at that conference. Looks good, but it’s totally in the software.

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Jot stylus | designed for use on Ipad with Penultimate app & Evernote

I also love to write on paper. I have tried a lot of apps and many are great but the hand writing bit never quite works for me. See, I can’t write on lines. I have to mind map everything – no, really. Everything. Drives my Supervisors crazy. It’s just how my brain works and it makes complex stuff make sense – to me at least. I’ve written about mind mapping with kids here, if you want to know more :0)

So maybe this cool stylus would finally help me go paperless. Maybe…

So that’s my wish list. Greedy? Perhaps. But it’s just a wish list! I’ve bought myself a couple of smaller gifts so I know what I’m getting (does anyone else do that?). But it’s nice to have a little dream list, right?

Let me know what’s on your wish list this Christmas!


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