Going paperless? Is it possible at home?

Mar 28, 2017 Categories: Education Today

A paperless world might be more environmentally-friendly, but is it possible at home?

I think so, but I also think that sometimes paper is still the best option for some things…

Paper is good for working with groups of people – especially if you want everyone to be able to write or draw at the same time.

If you use paper to make lists or leave notes then it’s hard to ignore them! I could text my kids to empty the bin – but if there’s a note on the kitchen bench, then its harder to say they didn’t see it!

Paper is now used for ‘special occasions’. Wedding invitations, thank you notes, postcards…these are lovely ways to keep in touch and to show you have some effort!

When it comes to school notices, band camp reminders, soccer payment forms though – do they need to be kept in paper?

If your children get lots of notes, try these tips to keep on top of all their commitments!

1. Have dedicated space at home for you and your family to put notes/letters that need ACTION taken – an ‘in-box’
It’s important that these are only those things you need to decide about or complete a form or pay for…Thank you notes or reminders for things you’ve already done can go elsewhere (I’d say in the bin, but up to you!)

2. Once a week (or more often at the beginning of school term!). Open your computer and take each item from the ‘in-box’ and add the date and details to your shared family calendar (you do have one don’t you? See here for more info).

3. Make any online payments you can – schedule them to be paid when they are due if you like.

4. Any other info that you need to keep that can’t be added to your calendar -> take a photo of the paper and add it to Evernote (learn more about Evernote here). There’s a great app called ‘Scannable’ that you open, it takes a photo, turns it into a pdf and then saves it straight to Evernote – worth having a look at :0)

5. Recycle the papers!

6. Rejoice in your paper-free living/hallway/kitchen bench/wherever papers usually accumulate!

So even if those around you aren’t paperless – you can be. It just takes a bit of a routine and practice!

The bonus of this system is that you now have all the details you need with you wherever you are. SO as you leave footy practice and are heading to Guides, you can check if you were supposed to bring painting clothes this week or next – and cry/smile accordingly !

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