Googl-ing with Kids!

Oct 29, 2014 Categories: How To, Tech-Tip-Friday

How’s it going where you are today? Hope you have better weather than here in Melbourne :0(

Do you Google? That’s a question none of us thought we’d be asked 15 years ago! But it’s true of the world today that most of us do Google – they even made it a verb! Here are my 5 ways to help our kids use Google to get the best search results they can -without spending hours and hours down the Google rabbit-hole!

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Use KEY WORDS. Specific words. And use more than one word. The Internet is a big place – 3 to 4 key words is best.



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Add in a location if it’s a specific term. If you were searching for native birds – add in the country! Simple but effective!



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Use quotation marks if you are looking for a specific person, term or place. So “Queensland Beaches” not Queensland Beaches. Quotation marks mean only websites with those exact words in that exact order will be shown. Narrows the search down nice and quick!


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Avoid words that sound like dodgy words. Not so easy – but think ahead!  Don’t Google “Pussy Cat”…you can imagine why. Cats with black fur or Cats in Africa will be less likely to   serve up porn!



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Little kids so under about 10 shouldn’t really be left to Google to their heart’s content! The Internet is such a big place – they need guidance and help to keep safe and to keep on track! If they are under 10 they should be using a computer in a family space anyway – make sure you can see the screen!



There are a lot of ‘advanced’ Google search tricks – we’ll look at those another time :0)

For now though – what other tips do you have to make online searching quicker and easier?



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