Happy Christmas!

Dec 24, 2014 Categories: Tech-Know @ Home

It’s finally here! Christmas day is tomorrow – are you ready? I think I am – and if we need something, well, we will have to do without, cos I’m not to the shops again. No way :0)  Have you been? It’s madness out there. Stay home and eat cake people. Or pudding. Or both…

I’ll be taking a little break this week – there’s a lot of cooking, eating and reading I’d like to get you (ok, so a bit of champagne drinking too.)

I’ll be back the Friday after the New Year and will have more great resources to share and more stories of what’s going on in your kids online world.

Hope to see you then.

Don’t forget to charge those batteries and have a fantastic Christmas day and New Years.

May your pressies be lovely and your kids well-rested and delightful all day!


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