Holiday Checklist – don’t forget the charger!

Jan 05, 2015 Categories: cyber-safety, Social_Media

Hope you’ve had a great break over Christmas! In Australia, schools are still on the long summer break and lots of us are heading off on holidays to the beach or the bush. This year we don’t have a lot of time off together but we are hoping to manage a couple of nights away here and there. Every year I forget something – no matter how hard I try. So, in an effort to get better at holiday packing – with my all-important tech-toys! – here’s my quick list of reminders. Maybe it will help you too :0)

I do unplug when I’m away. Nothing like a good book or crappy magazine on holiday but I also keep in touch with family and friends online – bit of balance is a good thing, right!!

  • First of all – my iPad. Yep. I’ll need to keep up with this blog, my work and all the other blogs I follow – oh and Facebook of course :0)
  • This year, I’ve got a new cover for my iPad that protects the front and back (previously I only had the front covered). Your kids need one that protects it well. Especially the corners – that’s where the damage occurs and the screen smashes when they ‘bounce’ it off the floor…maybe speaking from experience there ;0(
  • I’ll also need to bring my charger and the car charger too – for those times we camp without electricity, not too often but it’s nice to be totally unplugged sometimes.
  • Next, I’ll need to bring my Kindle Paperwhite ! I know I can read on the Kindle app on my iPad but if I’m sat by the pool or on the beach, it’s just too bright to read on the iPad. My new Kindle has a backlight and I can read it in any light. It’s got a month long battery life – so no need for the charger :0) – BONUS: The Kindle is really light in my handbag. Anyone else have a ridiculously heavy handbag in summer…sunscreen, bug spray, brush, deodorant… !!!
  • I bring my external battery charger too – I hate when my laptop dies half way through a movie!

  • Finally, I need my Fitbit. It syncs to my iPhone and lets me know when I need to move more. Especially important when I’m eating for England on holiday ;0)

For the kids –

So on family holidays, I bring at least two 4-way power boards. You know, like the ones below, that mean you can plug in their toys after the long drive (or long day).

I also like these ones with power surge protection. That way if your holiday house has a not-so-modern power set-up, (meaning it may not have the built in surge protectors most of us rely on at home), I won’t lose expensive iPads, laptops and games systems from a power surge or lighting strike – they only cost $13, a good buy I think.

      • Next, I set up a charging station at our holiday house. All digital toys get plugged in centrally overnight.
      • Finally, if our holiday house has wifi I make sure I’m the one who knows the password. I’m in charge (or the hubby) of setting up devices on the wifi. That way I know who is online and when.
      • I have also been known to turn the wifi on and off during the day. Off during the morning and lunch. On for quiet afternoons watching movies online. Off for dinner. On for an a hour or so of downtime before bed. That way I can filter what they are doing when :0)

I’m also going to be taking bathers, towels, sunscreen, sun glasses, a bottle of wine and couple of glasses. And that will be all I need :0) Ok. Chocolate and cheese too. Of course.


Have a lovely break – or week – if you are going away! Let me know what I’ve forgotten here, would love to hear from you.


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