How digital books can help your child to read!

Jun 02, 2016 Categories: How To, literacy
There are lots of great apps for iPads but the ones I love the most are the interactive ones. A favourite series of apps is called Big Cat Stories. Just like a book series, there are several apps, each focused on a different story.
The one I’ve used most recently with kids from ages 4-6 is called Farmers’ Lunch ;0)
Big Cat Stories Interactive books

Collins Big Cat Stories

I love these apps as they offer a few different ways of ‘reading’. Your kids can read traditionally, or hear the text read out to them or even record their own voice to listen back to. It means that kids tend to engage more in what they are reading – and maybe pay attention a bit more too.
how digital books can help your child to read
Many of these interactive book apps also offer games and activities that help our kids read more closely or think more about what they are reading. Games like re-ordering the sentences to tell the story or adding in extra ‘scenes’ are activities we use at school all the time. We know it helps kids focus on understanding (not just ‘barking at text’) – and that’s what reading’s all about right?
how digital books can help your child to read
But don’t forget these apps are designed to be fun and engaging too. With a love of reading you can learn – pretty much – anything! Astronaut, zoo keeper, neurologist, journalist…for every job there is something that can be learned from reading, so let’s get our kids excited to read with multimedia books that let them create, learn and have FUN!
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