If I had a thousand dollars….

Jun 09, 2015 Categories: Hardware

If you had $1000 to spend, what would you buy technology-wise? iPads, laptops, tablets, TVs, watches? While we might not have that much ready cash all the time, even when you do need to buy a new tech, it can be  hard to know what might be most useful for you and your daily online life. To help you out I’ve rounded up my Top Four Tech buys for the first half of  2015!

Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (128 GB, Intel Core i5)

I think I’d have to go look at the new Surface Pro 3. It’s a Windows tablet that runs full software – so everything from the Evernote app to Adobe In-Design can be used. I’ve had a play with a couple of them and I’ve seen them used by kids. It’s got a bigger screen size that makes it easier for little kids to use. Surface Pro 3 comes with a stylus that works just like a pen, AND you can lean your hand on the screen like real paper without ‘drawing’ all over your page. The Stylus is, I think, the biggest selling point of the Surface Pro 3. It feels, looks and acts just like a pen or pencil, but all your drawings and doodles are digitised, searchable and share-able instantly. I want one!

surface pro 3

iPad Air

The iPad is lighter, faster and prettier than previous iPads! I love the image clarity, the fact it doesn’t weigh my handbag down and that it has even more storage space now. Many of us have iPads at home these days. If you are looking to upgrade, my best recommendation is the Air. The camera quality alone is worth the cash.

apple air 2


iPad Watch

Oh how I covet thee! A friend let me play on her Apple Watch and I love it. Yes, it might slightly unnecessary and yes, you still need to carry your phone around with you. But it is sooo pretty, does all sorts of cool stuff including health and fitness monitoring, instant email access and phone calls (great for in the car apparently) and is a *real* gadget! I’m hoping Santa is kind to me this Christmas.

apple watch

Internet TV

An internet connected TV is like a computer and traditional TV in one. Watch your fave shows but then rent movies, watch YouTube or access services like Netflix or Presto. Internet streamed TV is slowly taking over the world and hopefully we won’t have to watch boring old advertising or one show at a time for much longer! There are lots and lots of brands now offering Internet TVs. Samsung and Panasonic seem to be the leaders at the moment but as it takes off expect more companies to come on board.


For the first 6 months of the year that’s not a bad spread of technology toys! I wonder what the next 6 months will bring!



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