Improve your skills with Coach’s Eye iPad app – not just for sport!

Oct 03, 2015 Categories: Apps

So just wanted to share a quick app recommendation today. I saw a PE teacher using Coach’s Eye last year and it’s so fun I thought I’d post it here. It’s not just for sport though – I’ve since seen it used for dance, theatre and oral presentations. Great for helping your kids practice at home!

It’s a camera app that lets you review action in slowmo, shows two videos at the same time and annotate videos as you talk.

The PE teacher I saw was using Coach’s Eye to teacher Grade 4 kids how to shoot a basketball. He video himself doing it, then video the kids in the class. Then on the big screen he played his ‘demo’ in slow motion alongside the kids’ attempts. They could see straight away where their form differed from the teachers. Then it was a case of try it again and see how you go!

With more physical learning, often words can’t express what we are trying to demonstrate. How many times have you said to your kids ‘Here let me show you’ when you’ve explained something a million times to them?!?!

I used this app with some students rehearsing a dance last week. I’m in no way a dancer. Like really – in NO way. But I was supervising a lunchtime dance lesson as a favour for a friend (eek!). They wanted to create their own dance based on a YouTube video – taking ideas and movements and re-choreographing them.

So being tech-know savvy (and it being the only way I could help!!!) I pulled up a few videos and showed them in Coach’s eye. They gave the moves from the video a go – (and did sooooo much better than I could do) – and we compared their video to the YouTube ones. I felt like an *expert* without knowing anything :0)

We really used the app as a coach for their dance – which they performed at assembly this week. I hear they were awesome!

I can see how Coach’s Eye could help kids prepare for oral presentations as well. They present twice and show both videos to compare them. Did they jiggle or move too much (a primary school-kid tendency) or never look up from their notes? We teachers try to drill in the basic practices of public speaking, but it is really one of those things that they need to see for themselves – and what better example to learn from than themselves!

It’s a free download and well worth playing with! Let me know how you go with it – would love to hear from you :0)

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