Inspiring our kids with technology

Apr 06, 2015 Categories: Changing_Times, Education Today

Happy Easter! I hope you had a great day – with lots of chocolate and great company!

What inspires our kids? It seems to me that we need to expose our kids to lots of different options and see what floats their boats. There are so many options for out kids. I bet you’ve heard that statistic that the top 5 jobs today didn’t even exist ten years ago. The jobs our kids will work in will be so different to what was available to us….and if we can we should be giving our kids opportunities to play with all sorts of ideas and technologies.

Technology can open doors for our kids. Inspiring them to new fields of work or just finding a new hobby. The thing is, I don’t think it’s actually about the hardware, the iPad, the laptop or the PlayStation. The reason that technology is so powerful, I think, is that it allows ‘regular’ kids to program software, to create robots, to design and build things, to create from their imaginations.

Getting our kids excited about learning is important – but sometimes it takes a few tries to find something that inspires them.

Why not start with this story?

Kelvin Doe, a 15-year-old from Sierra Leone, has built FM transmitters, generators and batteries, all with spare parts he found in the trash. This incredibly talented young man recently spent time at MIT’s Media Lab working with engineers on some of his designs. It’s one of the most inspirational technology-related stories we have ever heard.

There’s a great video that’s really interesting on this website too, but not too long – why not show it to your kids? You never know where they might take it!

What jobs or careers are your kids interested in? What are their hobbies or interests? How might you inspire them to take risks and have a go – even if they fail?



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