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Sep 29, 2014 Categories: Education Today, Tech-Know @ Home

So, we talked last week about YouTube and your kids. But there are a couple of other tricks you need to know about using videos at home.

Videos are great for learning. They are readily available, on pretty much any topic and offer a way for your child to research online.

We know kids love to watch videos

But we’re not talking Frozen here. We are talking about the types of video that are educational in some way.

Intro to GravityMaybe it’s this video about Gravity 









Brian Cox TedTalk ExplorersOr this TedTalk about Explorers








ABC Splash RhymingOr even this one about rhyming







 These videos are, of course, multi-media.

That means there are multiple things going on at once.

So your child is trying to take in information through video, graphics and spoken words. This makes it much more complex than your average, linear book.

So here’s what you need to do to help your child get the most out of the video.

  1. Have them watch the video – just watch it.
  2. Play it again – this time stop it after each key point and ask your child if they understand or a question about what they just heard/saw
  3. Play it again – let your child stop the video this time. They now get to tell you what they know

This is how teachers should be using video in classrooms too. Maybe forward this blog link to them if they are not sure.

What this all means of course is that a 3-minute video is now at least 15mins long. That’s ok. The amount of info you can get from a video is like reading a book on it (depending on the quality of the video of course). So it’s time well-spent.

Do you watch movies or documentaries and sometimes wonder – what was that all about….? Can you remember what you saw the next day? I know I struggle to retain all that info in one go :0) and so do our kids.

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