Kids home? Need 10 minutes? Try this iPad app!

Nov 03, 2014 Categories: Apps

So today is an interesting day in Melbourne – we have a public holiday tomorrow (Melbourne Cup Day) and so families take advantage of the potential for a four-day weekend and have Monday off too.

Happy (almost) Melbourne Cup Day!
Schools in Melbourne sometimes have a professional development day today – but not me!
I work for the central department of education and today – as you read this – I’ll be at my desk.

So today I’m just saying hi and giving you a great iPad app that might be of use if you have to work but your kids are home this week! Kids love it – and at school we use it for a range of things, from science experiments ordered by photos to finding symmetrical things in the real world and making a poster…

(ps. I’m not advocating babysitting-by-computer – but in the real-world sometimes we just need entertainment for our kids so we can get all. the. things. done. :0) )

Pic Collage
This one is a great one for kids who love to use the camera. Take photos and put a collage together, then add ‘stamps’ (clip art) and text. Got a family birthday coming up? Have your kids make a card and you can save it as a photo and print it off – instant homemade card!

Kids can also create a quick comic – take four sequential photos and use the text tool to add the story.

Or, for younger kids, ask them to take 5 photos of a certain colour, red maybe, and they can make a collage of their findings.

Kids home? Need 10 minutes? Try this iPad app!

It’s really easy to use and it’s open to your (and their) imaginations :0)

So when you need 10 minutes this week  – because our work doesn’t stop when schools do – give this app a go. It’s not ‘online’. It’s really easy to use. And kids love making stuff!

Do you have a favourite app for your kids ? We’d love to share your recommendations. Leave them in the comments below.

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