Never lose a school notice again!

Aug 15, 2015 Categories: Online tools, Tech-Know @ Home, Tech-Tip-Friday
So it’s a beautiful day here. The conference is amazing and the food is… well, amazing too!
 Tech-TIp time – a quick one today.
Keep loosing those school notices or forms or permission slips?
Once you’ve returned them I find it hard to keep track – what was that I signed. Could have been anything really. Maybe I signed my kid up for the army or the circus. Who knows.
So my tip for today is to get Evernote. Such an amazing tool (it’s my external brain and has been for 6 years).
Get the free app on your computer, iPad, phone or any device really. You save something on your phone, it appears on your computer. So no matter what device you have with you your info is right there.
never lose a school note again
I love it. More than is reasonable probably.
So, how to use Evernote to deal with all that school paperwork your kids bring home? 3 steps…
  • Take those notes form school, gym club, footy club or whatever you need remember.
  • Open up Evernote and choose the ‘Photos’ option
  • Take a quick pic of the info
Evernote will save this and sync it to the cloud. The best bit? The whole thing is searchable. Right down to the text inside images. So take a photo of the parent helper roster and then search for your name and it will find your name inside the photo. So cool.

So it’s a Thursday and darling 8 year old says ‘I think its Italian day tomorrow, I think I need a costume or was it food… mum!!!!!’

No worries. Open up Evernote, type in ‘Italian’ and let Evernote work it’s magic. Up pops the original letter (likely sent a month ago) with all the details.
Relax, all you need is a Mario moustache and a pair of blue overalls and you are set.
How to win at mum-ing? Evernote, all the way. :0)
never lose a school notice again
Give it a go and let me know how you go. If you have any questions about Evernote, leave a comment below and I’ll get right back to you :0) Gotta convert me some folks to the Evernote-way.
Enough with the evangelical nutty-ness. See ya!!

2 thoughts on “Never lose a school notice again!

  1. I discovered Evernote about a year ago, and it revolutionized my travel itinerary planning – I just clip relevant webpages to folders for each destination as I find them, and then I can revisit the appropriate links when I need to. I started to use it for school notices etc…but I haven’t been diligent about it – your post is inspiring me to be more so!

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