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This website will help you give your child a step up with their learning and maybe provide some insight into how teaching happens in today’s 21st Century Schools.

That classroom your child wanders into each day can seem to be a bit of a hidden world if you’re not a teacher. Your experience of school was very different to what your kids are experiencing which makes it tricky to know how to help them  at home.

What do they need to know?

Why on earth has the teacher asked them to do that?

And – why is this all so different?

These are the questions we chat about on this blog.

I’m a teacher who now at The University of Melbourne, in Australia. I’ve taught in a range of different ‘schools’ from outdoor education to French language classrooms to tutoring adults in their homes. Most recently I’ve been a primary school teacher and digital learning leader. For more on my background please have a look at the About Me page.

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