Note-taking software for busy parents – Evernote for your sanity!

Nov 05, 2014 Categories: Tech-Know @ Home

So I’ve had a good week so far – how about you? I’ve worked with some great teachers – from about 6 different schools. Doesn’t matter where they come from, whether they are large or small schools, all these teachers really want to do a good job for our kids. It’s a little inspiring really :0)


Do you use Evernote?

evernote for parents
Anyone who knows me will be rolling their eyes a little right about now. It’s ok. They do that a lot :0)

It’s because I really love Evernote and I use it all day every day. And even though they may tease me – just wait til they need some piece of info and I’m the only one who has it in my trusty Evernote!

So, Evernote is a note-taking piece of free software.  That’s a simple sentence but don’t let that make you think it’s a simple tool.

Evernote lets you save images, text, photos, videos, most kinds of documents. And they are all searchable. That’s the bit I love. I can take a photo of a document and save it in Evernote – then you can search for any word in the text.

You’ve got to return that form for sports day and you know you saved in Evernote? Type in a word you remember, maybe the date or the location and Evernote will find all notes with those words. Easy.

It’s great for kids school work and notes and notices. Save them in Evernote (drag them into the desktop software or open them in Evernote from your smartphone). Never lose a message from the teacher again.

Great for those dress-up days 4 weeks away – the night before when your kid reminds you and you’ve NO IDEA what the theme was… :0)

You can keep school reports in there too

And your Christmas gift list

And your wish list – hint, hint…

Your supermarket shopping list.

That funny photo you wanted to keep

Emails from work

Car details

Travel plans

Flight times

Upcoming events details – save the invitations in here so you don’t lose them

To do lists

Kids party plans

Reminders of peoples names – and their kids, I often need this :0)

Magazine articles you want to read later

Projects you’re working on at work…

You get the picture :0)

Cool blog posts

Save fun stuff you love online – for potential gift ideas

Things to know –

Evernote will synchronise with whichever hardware you are using. Set it up (free) on your desktop or laptop, get the smartphone and tablet app.

This means if you use Evernote to take a photo on your phone – it will automatically appear on your computer in the Evernote software. Cool, huh?

While Evernote auto-syncs your data – and does so securely – you need to be careful about over-sharing. It’s effectively putting info online. Most of the stuff above is fairly benign, but be aware of where you are sharing your info.

Give Evernote a go and let me know what you think :0)

PS – no affiliate links here, Evernote have no idea who I am. Just a fan girl.

evernote for parents



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