Note to self…don’t forget the kid

Mar 23, 2015 Categories: Education Today

How was your weekend? I know mine was seriously busy – but so great! My nephew turned 18 and had a lovely party (complete with party food and  and my step-son had his second 21st party, this one was at our house with about 37 of our family. So great! But man I’m tired now, luckily we are off out for dinner so no cooking and good company are in my near future.

Today’s post is really a simple one. It’s actually more of a reminder to me than a post actually, but I thought I’d share it here anyway. You never know what is useful to other people :0)

So, the thing is sometimes we teachers can get caught up in all the stuff that’s going on at school. Get this done, make sure I remember this form, send that note home, check the homework, get to yard duty, find that paperwork, make that meeting… And in amongst all of it we (I) can forget that there are 20+ individual little people in front of me.

All they want is an interesting day with their friends in a calm environment. And I’m guilty of sometimes forgetting that.

I do love all the tech stuff – working with other teachers, playing with the hardware and exploring new software.

But I think I need to not forget the kids- whole reason of doing any of this!

So here’s my thinking as I begin another week –

Kids and their learning needs come first.

Everything else is window-dressing really.

What about you? Do you agree?



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