Notes, notes and more notes! iPads for the win…

Sep 16, 2014 Categories: Apps, Software, Tech-Know @ Home

So I want to share a quick recommendation with you  – about note taking! (No affiliation here, just love the product). Yep, it’s exciting, I know. But it can really help. Promise.

Have you been to a meeting at school or at work lately and found yourself wishing you could just push pause on the speaker? Maybe rewind and think about what they are saying for a moment?

Me too.

I often seem to get so. much. information. All at once, and then I’m asked to talk about it or answer a question. So here’s my advice. On your iPad or smartphone get yourself this app – Notability.

Notability App

There are lots of different note-taking apps, I know. I’ve tried at least 10 of them. But I come back to this one each time.

Here’s how it works.

  • Open a new document and push Record. Yep. It will record the audio around you.
  • Now start typing your notes. You can change the background, font, size etc…
  • As you go you can add in drawings or charts.
  • AND (best bit) you can take a photo of the screen or presentation or whatever and it will become part of your notes there and then.

So there you go…

But wait, there’s more – my other favourite bit. Play back the note at any point afterwards and then click on your notes/drawing/photo. You’ll find the audio recording will jump to the exact point that you wrote your notes.

So when you write, “look up” and realise you have no earthly idea what you wrote, play the audio back from that point and hear the presenter and what they were saying at that moment.

This is a lifesaver if, like me, your notes sometimes wander into the realm of the absurd. I’ve also used it with students in Grades 5 and 6 when they are trying to take in a lot of info. Hopefully, there’s no real ‘lecturing’ going on in a Primary school classroom, but sometimes we get visiting speakers or we are watching a complex video. This app helps.

This kind of app is also great for kids who need some help with focus and attention in class too. It can support their recall and take away some of the pressure they can feel when they are trying to listen, take notes and understand all at once.

Do you have a favourite note taking app? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Have you used this app? Love or hate?

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