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Sep 22, 2014 Categories: Changing_Times, Education Today

Our kids love social media – well most of them. It does depend on what the rest of their social group are doing. If everyone else in their class are Facebooking at night, our kids can feel left out.

There are great and valid reasons to keep our kids off of social media until they are 13 – the big one being it’s not legal until they are at least 13 in most cases. But the engagement kids show with interacting online is something that teachers are keen to make the most of :0)

One tool teachers are using is Edmodo.

using edmodo for learning and teaching social media web2.0

This website lets teachers set up a virtual classroom that all the students access using a unique code. I like the student sign in because it doesn’t require each child to have an email address – which is a whole other kettle of fish to manage at home and at school.

Once you log in it looks like this –

using edmodo social media web2 online_learning

So you can see it looks a bit like Facebook – that’s on purpose. It has one feature that I love for teaching. There’s no individual pages. So one child can’t go and write on another’s wall and say something nasty. Everything that anyone writes, goes to the main ‘feed’ on the home page. As a parent you can set this up for a group of your kids friends and then see everything they are saying and sharing.

You can upload files, share links and even use the built in Library to find good resources.

You choose who you post to – that’s the adults role – or send to the entire group.

edmodo for learning

You might also¬†love the fact ¬†(I do!) that there’s an iPad app too that will send you a notification every time someone posts – so you don’ have to remember to go in and check what they are up to :0)


So now you know what Edmodo’s all about. Is your school using it? Maybe you could gently suggest it?

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