Rainy Day Play …ideas for fun indoors

Jul 17, 2015 Categories: Tech-Know @ Home
So I spoke too soon about all that weather. It has been soooo cold and very rainy – not what most of us foreigners thought we were in for when we moved Down Under! Shouldn’t complain really, when I lived in Michigan -10F was an ok day. Here it gets to 5C (C!) and we complain!!
Anyway, on to our topic for today –
Rainy day play – a teacher’s worse nightmare. Can’t run to the loo, can’t get a cup of coffee and the kids bounce around the classroom with too. much. energy. to be contained!
I like to kids to be able to make their own fun – imaginative play is awesome. But sometimes they’ve just been indoors too long and need a bit of structure. Or even just an idea to get them off the couch and stop the moping and constant crying I’m Bored.
Here are 3 ways to use your iPad to get your kids having fun when it’s pouring outside:
  • Scavenger hunt – I made an outdoor Scavenger Hunt for you here. But indoor ones are just as fun. Think photos, not collecting items though. I’ve had kids ‘collect’ precious furniture or photos off the wall. Not a great idea! i like to do themes, so ask them to collect 10 photos of things that are green or start with the letter P or are fun to look at. Add more items if you think you want more quiet time!!! Be sure to set the rules – especially with younger kids, who uses the iPad camera first, who carries it all become deal-breakers at times! Make things clear and you should be fine!


  • Make a treasure map. Set this up quickly with 5 post it notes – each has a direction to another location. One location is where the ‘prize’ is hidden (prize can be anything – afternoon tea in a fort under the table maybe?) Give them the post-its with the locations on them and see if they can sequence them to lead to the prize. They can do this together or for each other….lasts for hours. I let them take photos of each stage so they can share it later. Great for practicing literacy skills!


  • Create a drawing on an iPad app – I love Art Set – and then they have to create the 3D version out of paper, boxes, paper rolls or cups. Whatever you have around. Let them cut, fold and stick to their heart’s content! This one is best for older kids but I’ve had 13 and 14 year olds creating the most amazing things!
So there you go!  A few ways to stave of the crazies as we struggle through the winter here in Melbourne. Hope you enjoy!

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