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Nov 17, 2014 Categories: cyber-safety

Passwords!!! Aahh! Too many, too complicated. May as well make them all them all the same, right? Unfortunately, not. Too easy to crack. And once someone has one, they can get into everything – and putting all those personal details together means they will know WAY too much about you and can do all sorts of damage.

So what’s the solution? Well, a couple of things. Firstly, stop storing your passwords on your computer – too easy to find them.

Next, get an app for your tablet or smartphone – I like iPass Safe.  This will encrypt your passwords and store them safely.  iPass Safe has a free version (good for checking it out) and a paid version ($5.99, but if you want to use it a lot, it’s worth it).

ipass safe secure password store

iPass Safe


iPassSafe secure password store

iPassSafe – what it looks like on iPhone


Your passwords should be hard to guess too. So no pet names or addresses. No birthdates or using your own middle name….

Go for a phrase instead – something like ‘I love cats and bacon’

But change out some letters for numbers – 1lovec3ts3ndb3con

Much harder to guess but easier to remember than something like – jiojl2089du8ojZ rT !!!

Sometimes a website wants to be extra secure and asks for a ‘Complex 7’ password:

This just means at least 7 characters, including upper case and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. One of those phrases we looked at up there would do, add an exclamation mark to the end or a star/asterix between words.

 Give this system a go, but remember that while these apps are much safer than a Word document or a notepad, anything can be hacked – but this just makes it that bit harder. And we know that the nasty folks prefer the ‘low hanging fruit’ (i.e. easy to crack passwords)!

I would advise against saving credit card numbers in one of these apps, just to be extra safe. And bank account numbers, with their passwords is a total no-no!


Got too many passwords? Yep, I hear you.

Using one of these apps can save you time and add a bit of security – give them a go and let me know how you go :0)

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