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Sep 14, 2014 Categories: Changing_Times, Hardware

So what’s going on in your house right now? I’m tucked up with a nice glass of red watching Dr Who. I know, bit weird, bit cult-esque. But I’m British, it’s our legal obligation to watch Dr Who.

iphone 6 plus

Anywho, I wanted to talk quickly – really quickly – about something that came up with some friends today.

I’ve got a great group of guys and gals that I get to spend time with. We are all in the same community theatre group and we spend a lot of time together in the dark while we take turns prancing around on stage = fun.

So we were chatting over cake and beer in the local park about the new iPhone, you know the BIG one, the iPhone 6Plus**. While we chatted about size (settle down boys), processor, speed and colours, an interesting word came up: Phablet…

Now I do love grammar and I’m a bit of an ‘enthusiast’ when it comes to correct (ie. Queen’s) English. Ok, the words ‘nut and ‘freak’ may have been mentioned. But really…??? Phablet?? What kind of word is that?

Hello Phablet

So half phone and half tablet it might be but surely there’s a better word than this. I suggest we work on getting Tabphone or Tabone or maybe Tabonelet into the vernacular.

Ok so, yes, those aren’t great either. But people, we can’t go through life saying

“‘Woops, where’d I leave my phablet?’ or

“Let me just email you that from my phablet…”


No people, just no.

Stand up for what’s right. Be strong and resist.

Submit your alternatives below :0) Let’s conquer this together!

PS – the iPhone 6plus actually looks fantastic and if I sell a kidney I could well buy one !

**And – if you want actual info on the new iPhone 6 and 6Plus, instead of a rant, try here!

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