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Feb 02, 2015 Categories: Education Today

Happy Monday! Here’s a great (and safe) way to help your kids learn science and maths. Meet Sylvia from the Super Awesome Sylvia Show…

I LOVE this girl – she’d be so fun to teach, although she’d probably know more than me :0) But that’s why it would be fun!

Sylvia is a young girl (primary school aged) from the USA who loves, loves, loves making things!

She’s really into the Maker Movement. Wondering what that is? It’s a new movement that’s growing among schools and in education. Take old ‘junk’, make new, exciting things! Adults are all about Making too – Google ‘Maker Faire’ to see what I mean ;0)

We need more kids, particularly girls, to be more engaged with maths and science and engineering and technology. Sylvia does all that and more. Those 4 subjects together are called STEM subjects and kids love them – honest!

Cos with STEM subjects we can teach them together and often in problem solving activities. Sylvia does this for fun. Your kids will love to watch her videos and maybe try some of these out for themselves.

Sylvia makes things out of paper, card, wires, copper, old metal bowls, mechanical and engineering components…

FYI – if you want to buy electronic components, Ebay is a goldmine! 50 LEDs for about $2.50? Yes please! Good ideas here too, for birthday presents :0) Let those relatives know!

Get your kids to watch these videos and read the blog and see where they take it

Sylvia's Super Awesome Maker show

Check out Sylvia at


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