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Aug 17, 2016 Categories: Tech-Tip-Friday

How is your week going? I’m busy at work but enjoying it. I have actually finished a few things on my list and emails them off! (practically a miracle). I’ve been answering lots of questions about using cameras vs smartphones for video making lately. I know that lots of kids love to make movies on mum or dad’s phone so I thought I’d offer a few tips so that when we have to watch that ‘adorable’ video for the hundredth time you won’t be twitching with irritation at the jerky video or bad sound!

Here are my top 5 tips to get your kids taking better video on your smartphone (or tablet!).

  1.  The videographer needs to stand still! Yes, obvious but hopping from foot to foot makes for horrible footage. Plant two feet on the floor and stay there.
  2. Elbows in! Hold the device with TWO hands, then tuck your elbows into your side. If you need to follow the action, twist at the waist and keep those feet still and your arms in.
  3. Give a countdown. Before you start filming, let the ‘actors’ know that you’re about to film. Three! Two! One! Action! This will avoid having to scroll past 2minutes of ‘wait, i’m not ready’ ‘I’m ready’ ‘Wait for me’ !!
  4. Record a bit extra at the end. If your kids get to edit the movie, they’ll love adding credits and adding themselves as director, actor, writer. You’ll need a few (maybe 5) seconds of extra footage at the end to roll the credits over. Easy to do and fun too!
  5. Use the built in camera app to film. Then use another app to edit. iMovie is great but there are some great apps that add kid-friendly fun filters at the push of a button. Try Adobe Premier Free (Android and iOS).

When you are done, don’t forget to delete the out-takes – you only need to keep the best one, otherwise your devices will fill up with 4 second clips of someones shoe and you won’t have storage for when you really need it ;0)

Have fun filming!

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