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Jan 30, 2015 Categories: Hardware, Tech-Tip-Friday

It’s Friday again and this week’s quick tip is in video (or you can read below if you prefer). It’s only 1 minute long and it’s a tip that’s timely for the new school year – buying a good case to protect your kids expensive technology!

There are main 5 things to consider when buying at a case or bag for your kids tech-know tools:

1. Fits inside their school bag – if at all possible it should fit inside your kids existing school bag. This means it’s less obvious that they are carrying expensive (sealable) technology AND it’s better for your kids’ backs if the weight is carried on two shoulders in a proper school bag. This is particularly important if you kids ride or cycle to school.

2. Carries peripherals – what else do they need to carry? Many schools ask kids NOT to bring power chargers to school but they might need to carry an external mouse (some kids just prefer it) or a usb, microphone or headphones. You bag or case should fit all these ‘extras’ without compressing on the laptop or iPad and potentially breaking the screen or otherwise damaging it

3. Strap – if possible, look for a case with a strap or at least good handles. This means that when they take their laptop to classes or specialist lessons, they can carry their technology securely around the school.

4. The brand doesn’t matter – as long as it fits their technology. Too small and something is going to break, too big and/or bulky and they likely won’t use it.

5. make sure they use it – this one’s tricky! Make sure your kids use the case, particularly on the way to and from school. It won’t protect your investment if the case or bag is left as school or at home!


I usually recommend having a look for a case at Big W, KMart or Officeworks. That last one has the best range but is sometimes a little more expensive. For kids tech I don’t usually buy from the big tech shops – such as Dick Smith or JB HiFI – they sell higher-end bags that cost a fortune and won’t really offer much more for your kids at this stage!

Do you have any tips or experiences to share? Let us know below – we’d love to hear from you ;0)

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