Tech Tip Friday – have you asked your kids this week?

Nov 07, 2014 Categories: Tech-Tip-Friday

***Each Friday we are going to share a quick tip for computer and Internet use. It might be something to do with your kids, or something to explore or learn about this weekend. It might be serious (think cyber-safety or internet hacking prevention) or just plain fun. If there’s a topic you’d like to see, leave us a comment below***

This week, we are talking about cyber-safety :0) Don’t worry – it’s quick, easy and painless!

The Internet is a great big place. And although it’s virtual, it’s made up of real people and their thoughts, beliefs and creative talents. Places like YouTube are fantastic for sharing your knowledge, connecting with people with similar interests or just entertaining yourself! But as we’ve seen previously, there are some concerns with open access to YouTube – or any other website really – so the best thing you can do is ask…

questions about cyber safety

What are you up to on the computer?


It’s so simple, I feel a bit stupid typing it, but it’s what a few different government websites recommend. Even our own Aussie one –

We should be asking what our kids are up to each week, I think Friday’s a good day. Get in before the online binge (hopefully not!) of the weekend…

And then listen to the answer. Don’t understand a word of what they said about some Lego character or some kind of iron mining quest to build some bizarre door handle?

That’s your cue to take ten minutes and get them to show you. We know they love teaching us stuff. So, take advantage :0)

Look, I know that online game isn’t likely to be ‘your thing’ – but it’s only ten minutes and it will make more sense of what they are doing. So, if they get into trouble  (the theory is) they will be more likely to come to you, because you already know a bit about it so it’s not so hard to explain.

So there you go. Keeping our kids safe online buy getting into their world. Well, a little bit more than we already are.

Asking our kids what they are up to isn’t rocket science but it is an easy way to help our kids know we are interested in their online world.

Let me know how you go – what’s your tip for cyber-safety at home?

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