Tech-Tip Friday – How to find your lost iPad

Mar 06, 2015 Categories: How To, Tech-Know @ Home, Tech-Tip-Friday

So we are halfway through Term 1 (in Oz at least). And there are thousands of new iPad users in our schools, hopefully they are all learning lots with it and loving how they get to make choices about their learning.

Hopefully, they are also looking after their new toys/learning tools ;0)

But what about when they don’t?

And they don’t always, just like they loose their bags and footy boots and lunch boxes. And some kids are more prone to that than others – and I can hear some mums nodding as I type that!

Some kids just lose focus and move on (in my experience it’s usually footy/cricket playing that distracts them!) and leave behind whatever they were just playing with…

I have found that with tech they don’t leave iPads or netbooks lying around that much, no really. They don’t. But occasionally I’ll find an iPad lying in a hallway, or a lonely netbook in the library.

So here’s a quick way to set up your (or your kid’s) iPad so you can track where it has wandered off to.

If it gets misplaced, you can open an website online or an app on your iPhone and GPS locate it easily.

  • Search for the Find My iPhone App in the app store
  • Install it on your iPad and on another idevice if you have one (if not you can also log in on any computer to iCloud)
  • Open up the app on your iPhone (or online) and log in with the same account that you use on the iPad your trying to track down.

What can you do once you set up Find My iPhone?

You’ll be able to set it to LOST MODE. This means you can lock the iPad with a passcode and display a message on the iPad, maybe saying who it belongs to and then Apple begin tracking your iPad.

  • If your iPad isn’t on wifi when you do this, it will do all these things the next time it does connect – stopping a thief using it.

You can also make the iPad beep – so it makes a sound. This is useful for finding it when you know it’s at home somewhere but you can’t remember quite where…

Finally, you can also erase everything on your iPad, so if you can’t find it (if its been stolen perhaps) you can be sure no one else has access to your iPad’s contents.

It’s a good idea to set this up now, before you have any trouble with lost or missing iPads. You can’t set this up after the fact – so take 10 mins tonight and download the app :0)

Maybe show your kids how it works and how you can track it when it’s lost too – saves their panic when they realise they’ve left their precious iPad on the bus…

Any tricks to share about getting your kids to NOT lose things? I’d love to hear them, really, give me advice people! :0)

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