Tech-Tip Friday – How to speed up your iPad

Mar 20, 2015 Categories: Tech-Tip-Friday

Is your iPad slowing down? Mine does occasionally. And it’s really, really frustrating! All I want is to open my email and I’m sat watching the wheel of death spin instead.  (I realise this is very much a #firstworldproblem)

So here’s what to try when your iPad (or iPhone) isn’t doing what it should. Like maybe apps won’t open or keeping closing of their own accord…or it just gets really slow.

You know how to turn off your iPad – you hold the top button down until you see the screen saying ‘swipe to shut down’. Easy.

This tip is the next level. It’s like hitting control+alt+delete on a computer if that means anything to you!

Here’s what you do –

Hold down the top button AND hold the home button as well. Keep holding! Now wait for the Apple to show up. (your screen will go black and then the white apple will appear!)

Give it a moment or two and the iPad will turn back on. Totally refreshed, like it’s had a mini-break to the snow a-la Bridget Jones.

resetting your ipad

iPads and iPhones are just computers that have working memories just like us (!) and like any other computer. So this ‘hard reset’ is a way to wipe that memory clean and let the iPad begin with a clean slate.

So that’s it, just turn it off and on again – the age old technicians magic trick!

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2 thoughts on “Tech-Tip Friday – How to speed up your iPad

  1. I’ve done that before (after googling) when one of my kid’s ipads was stricken with the black screen of death.
    I hadn’t thought to do it just to give the ipads and my phone a refresh, so I’m going to try it, thanks. With a bit of luck it might help slightly with the erratic charging times for the kids’ ipads!

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