Tech-Tip Friday- In Case of Emergency

Jan 16, 2015 Categories: Tech-Tip-Friday

A quick tip today. If you or your kids have a mobile device, how often do you misplace it? Maybe you don’t, maybe you are better at keeping track of things than me! 

I once left my iPad at a theatre, and spent 24 hours madly calling everyone at the venue to try and locate it. Since then I’ve followed the advice below.

It’s easy really! Just set your home screen image to have an emergency contact on it.

Of course – this is all necessary because you have a password lock on your mobile device and people can’t just open your phone/tablet and find out who you are and return it.

You do have a passcode lock set on your phones and tablets right?

Good, I’m glad to hear it. All that info we keep on our devices should be protected. Turned it off because it was annoying you? Go turn it on again! ;0)

Apparently if you are in an accident, the emergency services will check your phone to find your ‘In Case of Emergency’ information, ICE information for short.

Although not an emergency, losing your phone or tablet is annoying and if there are some contact details that are easily accessible then there’s a better chance of having it returned.

I love this idea for kids – younger and older! If they leave it at a friend’s house or in maths class or in a friend’s car, at least it’s easy to see who it belongs to.

On a cyber-safety note – I have my name and my husband’s phone number on my iPhone lock screen. (No point putting your own phone number, they can’t call you!!). But I wouldn’t do this with kids.

If it’s your kid’s iPad or smartphone, I’d be putting their initials and your phone number only. Don’t let potential strangers know your kid’s name. Just to be extra safe.

How to..

Well, it’s not too hard. I downloaded an app called OVER. This lets you add text to any image. Take a photo of your kids or their latest art work or the sky or anything you’d like as your lock screen image.

Over App for home screens on phones

Over App


Open the app.


Choose the photo you want to use from your photo library.

clouds background iphone wallpaper

Click Add Text – it’s best to centre the text at the bottom of the image, just to account for different screen sizes and resolutions. Now type in your name (or kid’s initials) and a contact phone number.

over app add text

Save the image.


**not a real phone number!**


Set it as your Lock Screen wallpaper.

Not too hard, right? And now you know whose phone belongs to who and if you do have an emergency, your ICE contact details are right there too. Bonus – but I hope you never need it.


Do you lose things as much as me? Where are the best places you lost something and had it returned?



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