Tech-Tip Friday – keeping tech tidy at home…

Feb 27, 2015 Categories: Tech-Know @ Home, Tech-Tip-Friday

A quick Tech-Tip for Friday. Does your office space look like this…?


We do need to keep all those cords safe and away from cats, dogs and guinea pigs –  I once had a computer returned to me because a particularly hungry household rodent chewed through the charging cable! So we need to keep them untangled and not hanging where anyone (or thing) might trip on them – and crash your expensive equipment to the floor.

My tip to you is to go to Ikea – love it or hate it, they have good, cheap storage and organising gadgets.

They have lots of options but I love these little trays:


They screw in to any table or desk and hold all those cables together. Easy.

Tidy and no more annoying rodent incidents!


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