Tech-Tip Friday – Turning off your wifi

Feb 13, 2015 Categories: Tech-Tip-Friday

Can you believe it’s Friday again! This week has flown by – probably because I started two new jobs in 4 days, been a bit of a blur, so bring on the weekend. All good with work but a LOT of info to digest – brain. full.

This week’s tech-tip is something we all forget but should do!┬áTurn off the wifi at home.

You can do this easily by simply unplugging it or by finding the off button – I just pull the plug out of the wall.

Apart from energy saving, it also lets your wifi reset itself, which it needs to do every now and then. Just like your computer it needs to be turned off and on again to clear its ‘memory’ so that it starts afresh. This can speed things up too!

So turn off the wifi when you go away when you are going to be away from home for a few days or longer. That way you’ll know that no-one else is using your data allowance AND you’ll save on electricity too. Win!

Do you turn your wifi off at home? Do you use it as a way to manage your kids behaviour? I know some one

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