Tech-Tip Friday – Wifi for Chores, would you do this?

Feb 20, 2015 Categories: Tech-Tip-Friday

Would you do this? I know some parents who do! Takes a bit of effort on your part to keep logging in and changing the password, but they change it about once a week – or more if they have ‘resistant’ chore-completers at home!

The idea is that you change the password and then when your kids ask you for the password, you say ‘Sure! Of course! But do these chores first!’

I’ve heard it work really well and not so well.

In one case a rather recalcitrant teenager just racked up a HUGE bill on her phone rather than unload the dishwasher. Points for ingenuity, I guess, but not for avoiding chores or getting into debt. She had to pay off the bill over several months from her part time job ;0)

But more often parents tell me it works quite well if you want certain chores completed on the weekend and can be bothered to reset the password.

Changing the password on your wifi is a good idea to do regularly anyway –  read more about that here. So it’s a good idea to figure out how to do that anyway!

So, would you do it? Too much or fair enough? Let us know what your plan is to get those kids doing chores – I’d love some tips!!


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