Tech tip Friday – Your home wifi and your kids – is it safe?

Dec 12, 2014 Categories: Tech-Tip-Friday

Cyber-safety for you this week! Who’s using your home wifi? Just you and the family right? Maybe not. Do a quick check this week and make sure that you know who is using your expensive wifi connection. I had a friend who found some teenagers sitting on her letterbox with their laptops. Yup. They were using her wifi that she’d forgotten to put a password on. Not cool.

Why bother with this? Well, you are responsible for everything that is downloaded from your internet. Could be dodgy, nasty stuff. Don’t want to get caught with that stuff on your computer system.

So what do you do about it?

First thing to do is change your password – you can see how to do that here. If you are a little afraid of the tech-speak, call your Internet Service Provider and have them walk you through it. They all should offer this service. It’s in there best interest to make sure your wifi is secure!

Password, please! securing your home network wifi wireless at home

Next, wait for your kids to say ‘the wifi’s not working’  ;0)

Or, if you’re feeling more generous, ask the family to bring their devices to you to have the new password entered. That way you can keep the password private.

I really don’t think that kids – even bigger kids – need to know the wifi password to your home Internet. I think there’s a risk that they or their mates will get on to your home wifi and not follow the rules, downloading or accessing whatever…

I let my kids mates get online, but I put in the password. No discussion.

So, you need to think about your Internet access at home. Make sure you know the password, and know who knows the password too!!

Have you had problems at home with your wifi? Share your advice and stories below!



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