That was a busy week!

Nov 23, 2014 Categories: Education Today

So last week I had a fab day driving to the country to run a workshop for Principals and ICT leaders. I managed to take a few pics along the way  and thought I’d share :0) What did you get up to last week?

5:45am – I was up (too) early to drive to Seymour in regional Victoria. Had to be there by 7:30am, so left home by 5:45. At least it was a pretty drive.



8:00am – Then it was a rush to set up for the full day workshop I was running. We were in an exam room at a school – so very plain walls that I ended up covering with quotes about education to liven it up a bit!  The wifi worked AND there was an auditorium too – :0)



9:00am – We always begin with my colleague presenting for about 90 mins. Then I run the rest of the hands on workshop for the day :0)



11:00 – Gave away a lot of freebies. Every time, people take out the nice notebook and pen and leave the empty bag on the floor. What happened to the ‘don’t use plastic bags’ debate? I have lots of these at my house now. Keep trying to give them away. They keep coming back!!



2:00pm – Lots of arm waving and talking happened….



4:30pm – Then it was (finally) time to drive home. Time for a coffee in the little town of Yea first – Yay!



5:30pm – Almost home! In time for late dinner :0) and off to a play reading at my local theatre group!



Hope you have a good Monday :0) I’m off to do this all again tomorrow – wish me luck!


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