The telegraph, the Internet and Our Kids

Nov 12, 2014 Categories: Education Today

“The telegraph enabled a young woman, against her father’s wishes, to maintain a flirtation with a number of men on the wire”

That’s the scandalous way the telegraph was viewed when it was introduced to society!

A way for children and young adults to talk to each other, unchaperoned, and without parents checking what they say! How mad!

Of course, I’m just kidding :0) But it’s funny that what we right now see as challenges and decisions we have to make – to let them go online or not, to let them have email or not, to let them have Facebook accounts or not – are the same kinds of problems the telegraph folks were having over 100 years ago.

Some of it is still the same though isn’t it?

How much freedom is the right amount?

What do our kids do when we aren’t around?

How do we keep them safe – but make sure they grow up as healthy and hopefully productive adults?


Same, same – but different :0)

I love that quote up there – just reminds us that everything old is new again and while all this online, Internet, social media ‘stuff’ is new to us, the way we raise our kids and the questions we ask ourselves are the same. A bit comforting perhaps!

telegraph internet kids changing times

So, while we are worried about today’s challenges, at least we aren’t worried about the local telegraph officer and who he is helping to connect with ‘a number of men on the wire’!!


What do you think? Same, same or totally different!



**(Quigley & Blashki, 2003, p. 311)

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